Reuseit Tote Bag Review

Reuseit Tote Bag Review

I recently had an opportunity to get a tote bag from Reuseit has a great selection of tote bags, but I had to pick the Reisenthel Dual-Handled Parent-Child Shopping Tote. There are a few color choices, but I just love this orange and blue combination. I’ve seen this in magazines before and thought it was a great idea so I was really anxious to try it.

When the bag arrived I was very impressed. From the picture I expected a regular canvas tote with a few extra handles, but it’s made from a really durable polyester and it’s huge!

This has become my go-to bag. I use it for grocery shopping and I can fit tons of stuff in it.

We use it for picnics, for random things I need to bring when we go out, and I even used it as a beach bag when we visited the water park. When we used it for the water park I forgot to toss a wetbag in for our wet bathing suits so I had to just toss them in the tote. They were only in there 10-15 minutes while we got out to our car, but I was expecting the tote to be soaked through by the time we got there. It wasn’t! In fact, I pulled the bathing suits out and it was dry enough for me to put other stuff in the bag. This bag is NOT intended to be used for wet items, but in a pinch it worked great.

Here are the features that I love:

  • Durable polyester – You can wipe the bag clean and I have no worries about whether it will hold up to carrying a load of groceries, being stepped on by my kids, or the straps being pulled on by fighting kids.
  • Reinforced square-bottom – The bag can hold a LOT.
  • Large zippered pocket inside – The pocket is great for a wallet and coupons and little things you don’t want lost.
  • Cell phone holder pocket
  • Long & short handles for parent – I didn’t think I’d use the short handles, but the bag is so large and can hold so much that it’s really handy to have the short handles when it’s heavy.
  • Handle for child – I have a hard time holding the boys’ hands in parking lots because I usually have my hands full, but they love holding onto the handle of the bag. In fact, they often complain about having to hold my hand but they fight over who “gets to” hold the bag handle. The kids can use the handle whether I’m using the long or short handles.
  • According to the site: Made from high quality recycled materials and responsibly made with fair wages and labor.

My only complaint is the picture on the bag. My husband uses the bag a lot and said he’s rather have a parent and child on the bag rather than a mother and child. sells other bags and totes, water bottles, lunch items, and products for the home and kitchen.

Do you have a favorite tote bag? What are your favorite features?

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