ScribbleMonster review and giveaway

I love music, but if you as me why I like what I like I’d probably tell you, “Um, ’cause it sounds good?” You’d ask me a follow up question like, “Why? What do you like about it?”, and I’d say, “Um, the music part? Maybe the singing, and the instruments.” My husband’s the music expert in the family so when I got a cd from ScribbleMonster we both listened to it (a lot) and I asked him to write the review. Yay! A guest post from Toddling Dad! (You’re in for a treat ’cause he’s a much more entertaining writer than I am.) So, without further adieu, here’s Toddling Dad:

My kids have great musical taste (mostly). At two years old Cooper could sing along with Ministry, They Might be Giants, and the Mighty Blue Kings. As he’s gotten older, he started to understand some of the lyrics. Daddy was not pleased. No more Ministry, no more Biggie Smalls, no more Beastie Boys (well… less Beastie Boys). We started experimenting with “kid friendly” music and had the usual mind numbing results. There is actually a copy of Its A Small World in Toddling Mom’s van. Cliche, right?

While TMBG “No!” is quality, variety is the spice of life. Thankfully, Toddling mom received a copy of ScribbleMonster’s “Look Both Ways.” The album is the band’s take on 11 classic Sesame Street songs. In short, it rocks. They play with chunky guitars and respect for the kids. There are no washed out Casio keyboards and glockenspiels here (I’m looking at you Rockabye Baby lullaby renditions of Green Day–yes, we bought it). Just kid friendly rock and roll. ScribbleMonster himself appears on a couple of tracks (picture Oscar the Grouch’s gravelly voice with Big Bird’s eager naivete). Cooper begs for the Sesame Street song. Sarah loves the sweet “I Want to Hold Your Ear.” In short its good music, that is safe for the kids, made by people who can rock! It became a constant accompaniment to many, many adventures.

The count would give it four stars! One, two three, four, ahahaha!

(Me again… yes, I LOVE “I Want to Hold Your Ear”. I listen to it even when the kids are napping in the car!)

Curious about ScribbleMonster? You can check them out yourself on their website. They also do live shows throughout the Chicago area; their live schedule can be viewed online. Here’s where you can find them over the next few weeks:

Sat, 10/15 – ScribbleMonster at Arlington Countryside Church
Wed, 10/26 – ScribbleMonster at the Thomas Ford Memorial Library in Western Springs (must be Western Springs residents)
Wed, 11/9 – ScribbleMonster at Green Hills Public Library in Palos Hills
Sat, 11/19 – ScribbleMonster at the Festival of Trees in Danville

I’m giving away a copy of their cd. Wait, no… I’m giving away THREE copies of their cd, Look Both Ways! Giveaway ends at 11:01 pm on Tuesday, October 18.


  1. “Sounds” great! 🙂

  2. We could definitely use some better kids’ music at my house!

  3. I love this!

  4. My daughter loves some of the Baby Einstein music. She’ll ask for Itsy Bitsy Spider when we get in the car. She also loves the music from the Signing Time series. I’m ok with it because she loves it so much, but it drives me crazy when I spend the entire day at work with these songs going through my head!!

  5. Joslyn Gould says

    My girls love any type of music, but I have made the awful mistake of catering to them with ‘kids’ music. After nearly 4 years of sesame street, kids songs, imagination movers, disney classics, and classical music (to stimulate their minds and put them to sleep) – I now know more kids songs than I do of the music I once loved (as eclectic a mix as it was). I go crazy humming Imagination Movers songs even when I am out alone with my husband – we both do it – and yes, it is sad.

  6. I’ve succeeded in not having to play kiddie music so far in the car. I’d be interested in hearing this cd.

  7. My boys like anything upbeat, so they can dance! I enjoy the music!!

  8. My kids like a wide variety of music including the kiddie kind. I like most of what they enjoy listening to.

  9. My kiddos love lullabies and their VBS cds from the past few years – I really enjoy them as well.

  10. This cd sounds great, I’m over the disney princess CDs

  11. We’ve got a CD of baby einstein kids songs in the car that are requested every trip. We love singing along to them!

  12. Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic blog.Much thanks again. Really Great.

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