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We spend a lot of time in the car. A lot. So I was excited about testing out Seat Pets, a stuffed animal designed to strap to your car seat belt so your child can cuddle with them and even use them as a pillow while traveling.

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SeatPets - Toddling Around Chicagoland

SeatPets come in Lovebug the Lady Bug, Bentley the Dog, Lincoln the Lion, Mercedes the Cat, Malibu the Monkey, Yukon the Cow, and Edsel the Monster. SeatPets are machine washable and come with a strap that allows you to use it as a backpack; they have two small pockets on the front and a zippered pocket large enough to hold a water bottle. They are $19.99 plus shipping & handling.


The kids like Lincoln the Lion a lot, but there wasn’t any way for us to attach him to the seat belt in the car. Seat Pets have a Velcro flap in the back that attaches them to the should strap of the seat belt, but since Cooper and Dexter are both in car seats with harnesses, Lincoln the Lion couldn’t strap onto their seat belts. The Safety Seat Guidelines recommend using a car seat with harness until a child reaches the height and weight limit; with the seats we have the harness can be used up to 65 pounds so it’s unlikely we’ll be using the shoulder belt on either of the kids any time soon.

Still, the kids seemed to like our Seat Pet. Dexter was particularly excited to discover the zipped pocket that’s big enough to hold his sippy cup or a water bottle. He enjoyed cuddling with Lincoln even without it attaching to the seat belt. We also received a strap so it can be used as a backpack.


Seat Pets are machine washable and have some small pockets on the front as well. They’re cute and really soft and would make a great gift.

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