Send Dad Soaring with iFLY for Father’s Day

Sometimes dads are like superheroes, especially to their kids. This year, make him feel like a real superhero by giving him the gift of flight at iFLY. No need for a cape – iFLY will provide the flight suit, goggle, and helmet, as well as training, to get him soaring like Superman.

From now through June 21st, you can save $40 on a “Spread Your Wings for Two” package, which includes 4 flights for 2 people (2 flights per person). Enter promo code FDSYW15 when you purchase the package online or by calling 779-368-4359 for the Rosemont location or 779-456-4359 for the Naperville location.

Cooper and I recently got a chance to visit the Rosemont iFLY location during the Kohl Children’s Museum “playdate” event. I had the opportunity to fly at the iFLY in Naperville with Dexter a few months ago and we both fell in love with it. Dexter was a natural (see his photo, video, and more about our experience here)! Cooper was a little more nervous about the idea, but definitely wanted to give it a try.

We both had training before our flight. Our first flight was 1 minute long and we basically got a chance to try flying on our own, with a little help from our instructor. Our second flight was the same – 1 minute long – and the first 30 seconds was like the first flight, and the second 30 seconds the instructor grabbed on and took us on a high flight.

Cooper at iFLY

Although I don’t think he was quite as excited (obsessed?) with flying as Dexter was, he had a great time and loved the experience. He did admit he was a little scared during the high flight with the instructor, but he was glad he tried it.

We also got a chance to sample lots of yummy food from several of the restaurants at the MB Financial Park in Rosemont (where iFLY is located).

I look forward to returning to iFLY for another flight experience someday!

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