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So if you have a kid you know they come with STUFF. Lots and lots of STUFF. And no matter where you go you need tons and tons of stuff to go with them. It can be hard to be prepared all the time, but sugarSNAP has some great products to help!

The sugarSNAP Car-Go System includes a large storage bin (20″W x 10″H x 12″D) with a center divider and five files, with tabs marked for Toys + Trinkets, Snacks + Supplies, Lotions + Potions, Dipes + Wipes, Shirts + Socks, and a blank tab. The Car-Go comes in two colors: the Parker, which is a green-on-green pattern with orange trim and green files, or the Wyatt, which is a black and white pattern with fuchsia trim and black and white files.

I liked both styles a lot, but chose the Parker and I love it. The colors are bright and cheery and I was very, very impressed by the quality of the Car-Go System. I was expecting the type of collapsible storage bins I’ve purchased for my van in the past – the ones that are flimsy that are made from cardboard or something similar. The Car-Go was not like this at all! It’s very sturdy and very well made. The files are high quality as well, with heavy duty tabs. There are even pockets on the side!

The Car-Go comes with a list of suggested items to put in the files. This is a great help because I often have a hard time thinking of what we might need until it’s too late! So what do I keep in my sugarSNAP Car-Go?

  • a change of clothes for each of the boys (including socks – great for when we go to an indoor play area & they’re wearing sandals)
  • individually packs of animal crackers
  • diapers, pull-ups, and wipes
  • sunscreen and bugspray
  • travel packages of kleenex
  • small books and an erasable activity book

My Car-Go is in the back of my van and it’s great knowing that everything I might need is there. In the past I’ve kept organizers in my car but they get very un-organized very quickly and then I don’t know what I have and what I don’t, and I can’t find anything. In addition to the files, there is extra room in the storage bin so I keep an Alex Desk To Go in there, as well as a small backpack of busy toys for when we go to the doctor or something. It’s easy to keep track of everything and I can just grab and go!

In addition to the Car-Go System, sugarSNAP offers the sugarSNAP Files as well. The sugarSNAP files are designed to fit inside your diaper bag. A hook-and-ring system holds together five files with tabs marked for Shirts + Socks, Dipes + Wipes, Snacks + Supplies, Lotions + Potions, and Me + Mine.

Special offer: Use the code “chicagoland” when ordering your sugarSNAP Files or Car-Go and you’ll save 20% on your order! Order online at This code is valid until the end of October 2012.

How do you keep things organized in your car? What would you keep in a sugarSNAP CarGo?

I received a sugarSNAP Car-Go to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I need to get the cargo system because my husband is always complaining how I have things everywhere…this would also save me from forgetting anything! Love it and must have it! Thanks for the review!!!

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