Summer Shopping at The Children’s Place

It’s warming up (well, most days at least), and a couple weeks ago I did the seasonal clothing switch. We were in pretty good shape as far as summer clothes for Dexter, but Cooper was in need of shorts and Campbell didn’t have any shorts in the right size. We shopped The Children’s Place for back to school clothes last year and they asked us to come check out their summer collections. The Children’s Place provided us with a gift card to shop for some summer looks.

Cooper was pretty excited to pick out some shorts. He loved the “shiny” (athletic) shorts and I was pretty happy that they were on sale for only $5. After picking out the colors he liked best, he picked out some plaid shorts too. The Children’s Place also has a huge assortment of t-shirts, both regular graphic t-shirts and licensed shirts.

When we were shopping for back to school I just browsed the baby section because Campbell wasn’t born yet. It was fun to be able to shop this time and buy him teeny tiny shorts! Most of the shorts started at 6-9 months, but there were a few in Campbell’s size (3-6 months). I love the little blue stripe outfit in the picture; it looks a little like the stripes have been painted on and it reminds me of the bathing suits you see in pictures from the 1920s. So cute! And how could I pass up shark swim trunks?

This Phineas & Ferb Agent Perry t-shirt caught Cooper’s eye from across the store. He said, “I can’t wait to show this to Dad!”

As you can see, my boys are big fans of hats so they each picked out a hat to buy too. They were on sale for only $8!

Dexter loved the “shiny” shorts too and wanted some like his big brother. He also picked out an Elmo shirt (perfect for the Sesame Street Live show we saw the next day!) and a t-shirt saying he’s the “Best Lil Brother”.

With three boys I don’t have the need for any girls clothes, but I couldn’t help but notice how cute the clothes for the girls were. I wish some of the dresses came in my size!

I like to have a spare swim suit or two so each of the boys picked one out (only $10 & $14!). I would have liked matching shark trunks, but Cooper & Dexter had their own ideas. I pretty much let the boys choose what they wanted so we ended up with a bit of a hodge-podge of items, but it’s all cute stuff that will fit in well with what they already have.

By the time we were finished we wound up with 6 pairs of shorts, 3 shirts, one short outfit, 3 swim suits, and 2 hats for less than $150. Not bad!

The Children’s Place has tons of clothes for Memorial Day – flip flops for $3, graphic tees for $6, and lots more.

You can also shop The Children’s Place from the comfort of your own home. Sign up for emails from The Children’s Place for information about current sales and special discounts.

Disclosure: We received a gift certificate to shop at The Children’s Place and no other compensation. All opinions are my own. 

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