Tea Time: Getting a Boost from Bigelow

#MeAndMyTea #SwapYourCup #CollectiveBias
Tea Time Getting a Boost from Bigelow #MeandMyTea #SwapYourCup #WakeUpCall [ad] #cbias

In the eight years since I became a parent I still struggle with one thing more than anything else – taking care of myself. It’s so easy to get caught up in making meals, helping the kids, chauffeuring kids to activities, participating in school fundraisers and events, and taking care of the house, and completely forget that I have needs too.

Lately it’s been my goal to focus on self-care a little more because I think ultimately it will benefit not just me but my whole family. I really love blogging and writing; it relaxes me and I enjoy it a lot. Most of my writing happens late at night, once the kids are (finally) asleep, and it’s just me on the couch with my laptop. It works, but it’s not ideal. I’d like to prioritize my writing a little more; I’m trying to schedule time to write rather than just grab time here and there.

To help with that I got a small desk to put in the corner of our bedroom so I have a special area that’s just for me to focus on writing. I’ve also been working on having some writing rituals to help me get “in the zone”. I created a special playlist of music to listen to while writing, found a candle with a scent I find invigorating, and I have Bigelow American Breakfast Black tea.

My local Walmart has a large selection of Bigelow teas, including American Breakfast with extra caffeine.

Tea Time Getting a Boost from Bigelow #MeandMyTea #SwapYourCup #WakeUpCall [ad] #cbias

While I was there I decided to treat myself to a new mug too. Walmart is caring the brand new line of dinnerware from The Pioneer Woman so I got an adorable new mug, and I was able to support a fellow blogger with my purchase!

Tea Time Getting a Boost from Bigelow #MeandMyTea #SwapYourCup #WakeUpCall [ad] #cbias

I’ve never been a coffee drinker because I just don’t like the taste of coffee, but I need my caffeine. I often get it from drinking pop, but I don’t enjoy it much. I often drink it just for the caffeine (since having a caffeine iv is not an option!), but I do enjoy drinking tea, especially now that it’s getting chilly outside. Bigelow American Breakfast tea has the same great flavor because Bigelow uses the finest ingredients, but it also has 50% more caffeine.

Tea Time Getting a Boost from Bigelow #MeandMyTea #SwapYourCup #WakeUpCall [ad] #cbias

Bigelow American Breakfast tea is relaxing and comforting when I’m sitting down to write, but it also gives me the extra caffeine boost I need. That boost is different from coffee or soda because tea contains Theanine, a naturally occurring compound unique to tea that when combined with caffeine gives a sustained energy boost rather than a jittery feeling followed by a crash.

Tea Time Getting a Boost from Bigelow #MeandMyTea #SwapYourCup #WakeUpCall [ad] #cbias

Not only will I be enjoying my Bigelow American Breakfast tea when writing, but I also love grabbing a travel mug to bring it with me when I’m running errands (especially if it’s cold out), or enjoying a hot mug of it with my favorite tv show or a book, and now that it’s cold and flu season I add some honey to it to help soothe a sore throat or cough.

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Have you tried to #SwapYourCup from coffee to Bigelow American Breakfast? When, where, and how do you enjoy your tea? I’d love to hear in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook!


  1. This…exactly! We do not take care of ourselves nearly enough. I’m guilty! I need a new mug for my tea and I love this American Breakfast blend. I think I’ll treat myself this week like you did! [client]

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