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I’m always excited to tell you all about great new products and share giveaways, but this one is even more exciting than normal because it’s an eBook written and illustrated by a college friend of mine, Jason Dvorak. If the style of the illustration above looks familiar it’s because you’ve seen Jason’s work before… maybe for the past year or so, or maybe you just saw it for the first time just a couple minutes ago, but Jason created my super awesome blog banner you see above!

The Boy with a Dreaming Key: Alien Robots Attack is available on iTunes for iBooks 2 and Scribd in PDF. The main character is an imaginative boy with friends Amy the Cat and Auberon the Bear. Together with the boy’s Dreaming Key, the three have adventures and fun.

Follow the tales of an imaginative young boy and his adorable companions! With the help of his Dreaming Key, Amy the Cat and Auberon the Bear, the Boy goes on epic adventures and amusing journeys into the unknown.

When an invasion of Alien Robots invades their small town of St. Reverie, it’s up to the three of them to save the city with the ultimate secret device. A secret that can only be powered by the Dreaming Key…

Will our trio survive? Will they save the day? There’s only one way to find out, but no matter what, Imagination is Key!

Also included in the book is a Behind the Scenes section telling about how the book was created and showing some preliminary sketches of the characters.

I received a copy of The Boy with a Dreaming Key: Alien Robots Attack to share with my kids. John read it to them as a bedtime story on our tablet.

Dexter was a bit distracted for parts of the story (not unusual for him), but Cooper was very focused on it. He loved the story and was very excited that the boy’s imagination was such a big part of the story. He particularly loved a certain part (I won’t say because I don’t want to give anything away) and was very amused by it. After the story was over, he wanted to go back and study the pictures and ask a few questions about it, and had particular parts he liked a lot and wanted to show us.

John also read the Behind the Scenes part to Cooper and he was enthralled. Cooper is fascinated with drawing and wants to be an artist when he grows up so he was very curious about how the drawings started out and how different shapes were used to make them.

We love the book and I hear rumors that there will be a second book coming soon about pirates so we’re definitely going to have to buy that one when it’s available. I even have a couple sketches from the new ebook:

In the meantime you can also download Amy’s Tale, a prequel about Amy, on iTunes and Scribd for free!

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I received a complimentary PDF of The Boy with a Dreaming Key: Alien Robots Attack for the purpose of this review, and I personally know the author. However, all opinions are my own. 


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