The Chicago Architecture Foundation Opens the Doors of Chicago

CAF Open House 2014

Chicago is famous for its architecture and houses many world-famous structures, and you can often find Chicagoans and tourists alike staring in awe as they walk the city streets. The outside and public areas of these buildings are often amazing, but a lot of the beauty and magic is hidden behind closed doors.

This weekend, thanks to the Chicago Architecture Foundation, those doors will be flung open. The annual Open House Chicago is this Saturday and Sunday, October 18 and 19, 2014, and over 150 old and historical sites in the city will open their doors to visitors, allowing them to see things generally closed to the public.

Many of the sites are family-friendly, including Firehouse Chicago, where you can see a 100-year-old fire pole; or the Federal Reserve Building’s Money Museum, where you can see counterfeit bills; or the Garfield-Clarendon Model Railroad Club, which has over 1,400 feet of railroad track and hundreds of model trains.

As an added bonus, this year they are featuring a free family program at the CAT ArchelorMittal Design Studio where families can participate in hands-on activities with LEGO architectural bricks.

For more information, visit the Open House Chicago site, and search for locations by neighborhood or category.

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