‘Tis the Season to Be Streaming {+ Giveaway!}

'Tis the Season To Be Streaming Netflix Giveaway #StreamTeam [ad]

‘Tis the season of holiday lights, giving, shopping, parties, and family time! Unfortunately, it’s also the season of germs, colds, and flu. We’ve been experiencing a little of this (okay, a LOT of this) lately. We’ve been using our Netflix account a lot lately, whether it’s to unwind after a busy day, to catch up on our favorite shows while wrapping gifts or preparing Christmas cards, resting at home while we recover from the variety of illnesses fall brings, or spending a special evening at home watching our favorite Christmas movies.

There are a lot of things I love about Netflix, but I’ve narrowed it down to this list of twelve and all of these are great reasons to include some Netflix gift cards in your holiday gift purchases.

12 Reasons to Spread Netflix Love This Holiday Season

  1. It’s there for you 24/7/365. It’s available all the time whether it’s the middle of the night with insomnia or a baby, or when you need to watch your favorite movie to cheer you up after a sad day, or when you’ve got a kid home sick from school.
  2. You can bring it with you wherever you go. Download the app on your phone or tablet and you can watch it during your commute (assuming you’re not driving!) or while waiting somewhere with the kids (like the doctor’s office waiting room).
  3. Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Grace & Frankie, Bloodline, Dinotrux… the list of original Netflix shows goes on and on and they’re amazing. Best of all, Netflix has lots of new original shows coming soon.
  4. There’s something for everyone. My husband is big on sci-fi and educational programs and I like drama/crime/dark shows with some light romance movies sometimes and we both have plenty to watch. We’ve also discovered a lot of shows that we both really love.
  5. The kids will love it too. There are so many movies and shows for kids, including some of the classics like Sesame Street, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, and Inspector Gadget.
  6. Netflix profiles. Set up a profile for each member of the family. The kids can be restricted to only child- & family-friendly options, while the adults will be offered shows they’ll love.
  7. Netflix knows you. You’ll get recommendations based on shows you’ve watched before and ratings you’ve made. This is another great part about having individual profiles – the kids won’t be offered R-rated movies, and you won’t have recommendations on your profile because they watched Barney or (shudder) Calliou.
  8. Netflix is always changing. They offer new shows and movies every month so if you thought you watched it all (which you didn’t, I assure you – they have a LOT) there are new choices.
  9. Netflix is universal. I often ask family, friends, and social media sites for great kid-friendly shows, or a drama, or a funny movie, or just some great show or movie I’ve missed and so many people have Netflix that I never have a problem getting tons of recommendations. It’s also great to share my love of certain shows (like Unbreakable Kimmy  Schmidt) with other Netflix subscribers.
  10. You can watch at your own speed. Sure, Netflix is known as THE place for binge-watching and that’s what I love to do most of the time. Sometimes there are shows that are so good you want to savor them over more time and you can do that too. Or leave one series for something more exciting and come back to it later. You choose; they’re there when you want them.
  11. It’s a great place to rediscover or re-watch (or re-re-re-re-watch) older shows. Whether they’re shows you loved as a kid like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, or want to watch a favorite movie or show over and over again (The West Wing!) there’s a good chance Netflix has got it.
  12. It’s also a great place to discover new shows and movies. In addition to the Netflix Originals I’ve discovered Battlestar Gallactica, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Doctor Who, and lots more shows because I found them on Netflix. There are some great movies I’ve discovered there too, like Save the Last Waltz and Letter to Zachary (both of which I highly recommend you check out).

Netflix has three membership plans to choose from and although they have different features, they all offer unlimited streaming and can be used on your TV, computer, or on phones and tablets with the Netflix app.

  • Basic is $7.99/month. You can use it on 1 device at a time.
  • Standard is $9.99/month. You can use it on 2 devices at a time and HD is available.
  • Premium is $11.99/month. You can use it on up to 4 devices simultaneously and HD and Ultra HD are available.

Netflix gift cards make great gifts for ANYONE (over the age of 18) on your list – college students, parents, grandparents, families. If the recipient already has a Netflix subscription they’ll be able to add to their subscription and if they don’t they will thank you forever for introducing them to Netflix.

Netflix gift cards can be purchased on Amazon.com and you can choose a Netflix gift card (affiliate link) that will be shipped to you or a Netflix e-mail delivery gift card (affiliate link) which is perfect for last minute gift purchases! If you choose the email delivery you can choose any amount between $25 and $100 and you can choose the style of email, including the general Netflix logo, Marvel’s Daredevil, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, or Narcos.

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Looking for some great shows and movies for the holidays? Spend a night in with the family with these great seasonal choices:

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Or check out the new shows available for kids and families:

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Netflix is giving a 6-month subscription to one of my readers! If you haven’t tried Netflix I strongly suggest you enter, and if you’re already a Netflix subscriber you should enter too! (Who wouldn’t love to get 6 months free?!)

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  1. I don’t have Netflix currently, so I’m not familiar with the shows. I am looking forward to being able to stream old movies, though, and using it for homeschooling!

  2. I would love the movies! Like saving santa!

  3. Definitley excited for orange is the new black

  4. Kristin Goodson says

    I really want to watch Orange is the New Black!

  5. I’ve been watching Orange is the New Black!

  6. Any tv show…i will need to do a makeup after no cable for past year!

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