Toddler Tuesday at the Legoland Discovery Center

Toddler Tuesday at the Legoland Discovery Center – webpage

Toddler Tuesdays at Legoland Discovery Center begin for the winter season January 10. Each Tuesday, Legoland designates the first two hours of the day to toddlers. Admission is discounted and toddlers have the run of the upstairs, including the 4D movie theater, renovated play area, and build area.

Take a look at my full post about Legoland Discovery Center for all the details about the place.

Dates: Every Tuesday from January 10 to February 28.

Times: 10:00 am – Noon. Legoland opens to all guests at noon. Rides and the downstairs open at noon.

Admission: $7 per person. For Toddler Tuesdays, tickets can only be purchased at the door. Admission is free for members.


  • Creative challenges
  • LEGO City Construction Site Play Zone (ages 1 and up)

  • DUPLO play with earthquake tables (ages 2 and up)
  • Build and Test (ages 3 and up)
  • 4D movies – Bob the Builder and Clutch Powers
  • Free Wi-Fi for moms and dads

Our experience:

We had a fantastic time at Toddler Tuesday. Legoland is a favorite of my kids; Cooper asks to go regularly. Toddler Tuesday is a great time to go because of the discounted price, but also because there are not too many people there and the younger kids get to take full advantage of the play area and building area without older kids around.

The play area has been renovated since our last time there and it looks great. The boys got wide-eyed when they saw it and disappeared for at least 15 minutes. They now have a large wrecking ball so an employee was helping some kids build a wall with giant Lego blocks so they could knock it down. I think the boys would have LOVED this, but unfortunately I couldn’t drag them off of the play structure to even look at it. Next time maybe.

The boys spent quite a while in the build area and employees often stopped by to ask about their Lego creations or help them build cars, houses, and garages. We also saw a couple movies. Clutch Powers was playing first and we saw that, but Cooper really wanted to see Bob the Builder. I checked the movie board (movies start every 15 minutes or so) regularly while the boys played waiting for Bob the Builder, but it wasn’t playing or we were missing it. I asked one of the movie employees when it would play and she offered to play it for us next. The boys were thrilled, of course.

At noon we walked through the downstairs area and rode on the Dragon Quest ride. We were able to explore everything and spend lots of time building and playing and head home by 1:00 pm, just in time for the boys to have lunch and for Dexter to have a nap.

I received free passes for Legoland Discovery Center. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. shelena payne says

    I wonted to take my son to toddler tuesday for his birthday it today march 10 tuesday he will b 2 years old does they have a train we can ride i wont to make sure them the correct dates

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