Top Three Products from the Chicago Baby Show 2018

Once a year, representatives and merchants from around the country spend a weekend in Chicago showing parents and expectant parents products and services for babies and children at the Chicago Baby Show, the largest show of its kind in the country. Expectant and new parents can discover new brands and see new products from established, well-known companies, too. No babies or kids? That’s okay – explore all the baby goodies and find out the coolest presents to gift at the next baby shower you attend.

My kids are past the baby stage, but I have friends and family with younger ones, and there are also services and products for older kids, too.

Of course, the Chicago Baby Show is family-friendly, with play areas, nursing and feeding areas, concessions, and TONS of vendor booths, some offering free samples, giveaways, or discounts.

Booths at the Chicago Baby Show

Play area at the Chicago Baby Show

On the search for the perfect stroller? There are tons of brands represented with strollers of all sizes and types. Test them out on the Stroller Test Track to see how the roll on different types of terrain and what it’ll be like pushing open at gate with the stroller.

Stroller test track at the Chicago Baby Show

I’ve attended the Chicago Baby Show for a few years now, but there are always brand new products designed to make a parent’s life easier.

These are my top three choices, as well as the products I’d gift with an “honorable mention” who came close to be included in the top three list.


Top Three Products

Travel Tray

The Travel Tray is a simple product, but one I really wished I had when my kids were younger. We spent a lot of time in the car when the kids were little (still do!) and they were constantly snacking. This often meant spilled bags of crackers all over my van as well as a futile search for a cup or holder of some kind that the kids wouldn’t drop 3.5 seconds after I handed it to him. The Travel Tray is 100% food-grade safe, BPA-free, PHT-free, PVC-free, and it can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Travel Tray display at the Chicago Baby Show

There are about a million colors to choose from (okay, I may be exaggerating a bit) and this fits in just about any car seat cup-holder and it’ll hold their drink and snack all on one small tray. The Travel Tray can be purchased on the Travel Tray website for $15, and discounts and free shipping are offered for orders of two or more trays.

Travel Tray in a car seat at the Chicago Baby Show

Pura water bottles and cups

Pura bottles are stainless steel, medical-grade silicone, and they’re 100% plastic free. Surprisingly, there are other brands who sell stainless steel bottles with plastic tops. In addition to being safe and plastic-free, they’re cute! I love the swirly pattern on some of the sleeves.

Pura bottles table display at the Chicago Baby Show

Honestly though, what caught my eye about Pura is the fact that they evolve. I can’t explain how many different bottles, sippy cups, straw cups, and water bottles we’ve collected over the years. With three kids, we’re have a huge collection of each stage of bottles and cups. I wish we had Pura from the start. With interchangeable tops – including nipples, sipper spouts, straws, and sport tops – a Pura bottle can be used for an infant, toddler, older child, or even adult. No more ditching tons of bottles only to replace them with new ones!

Pura bottles, tops, and accessories can be purchased on the Pura website.

Pura poster display at the Chicago Baby Show

Doona car seat stroller

Babies have a lot of STUFF. Before I had my second child I got a van, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. You think, how much space can a baby really take up? And really, they don’t take up much at all, but when you add all the stuff that needs to come with them – stroller, diaper bag, blankets – suddenly there’s no room for anything else. A trip to run a few errands often becomes a game of Tetris as you try to fit the stroller in the trunk along with other baby necessities and anything else you’ve purchased or need to transport.

The Doona car seat solves that space problem, and also makes life a little easier – something every parent needs. As you can see, it’s an infant car seat with a base, very similar to many other infant seats, but what’s that under the back? Yep, it’s wheels.

Doona car seat

Pop the infant seat out of the base, pull the wheels down and the handle up, and suddenly you have a stroller.

Doona stroller

In addition to being a great 2-in-1 baby product, Doona also has accessories like the All Day Bag and 360 degree Protection cover that are custom made to fit conveniently on the Doona stroller. The Doona infant car seat is available in a variety of colors for $499.00.

Doona stroller and car seat

Honorable mentions

Thule baby and child bike seats

I used to love biking, but I haven’t done it very much since I had kids. It’s just this summer – now that all three kids have learned to ride two-wheeled bikes – that we’re taking family bike rides. I was drawn to the Thule baby and child bike seats at the Chicago Baby Show. These seats are lightweight, but have several safety features, allowing for a comfortable ride for parent and child(ren). The front bike seats can be use for children from 9 months to 3 years, and the rear seats can hold children from 9 months to 6 years! Have more than two kids? Thule also has bike trailers that can carrier one or two children (or pets).

Thule bike with carriers at the Chicago Baby Show

The front Thule bike seats start at about $160, rear seats at about $200, and trailers at about $300.

Thule bike carriers at the Chicago Baby Show

RockerMama Ready Rocker

The Ready Rocker looks like a fairly simple product – it’s an alloy frame with padding and fabric. You put it against an immovable object (such as a chair back, headboard, or wall) and sit down with your back against it. The Ready Rock turns wherever you’re sitting into a rocker. If you’ve had a high-need, never-put-me-down, don’t-stop-rocking-me baby (like my oldest son was), you understand the value in this product. You’re no longer trapped in the rocker in the nursery forever, because the Ready Rocker is very portable and allows you to rock your child nearly anywhere. Cool idea! The Ready Rocker isn’t for sale yet, but it will be soon. Visit their website to find out when they’ll be available for purchase.

RockerMama at the Chicago Baby Show

Boppy Teething Scarf

My Boppy nursing pillow was a lifesaver when my kids were babies, so I’m a bit fan of the Boppy company, and I love that they continue to introduce new produce perfect for parent and child. The Boppy Teething Scarf is another great idea from them.

Boppy teething scarf

This scarf is cute and stylish, but also offers an easy-grip, food-grade teether, and it protects your outfit from baby drool. The Boppy Teething Scarf is $20.

Boppy teething scarf on mannequin

What do you think of my top three picks and honorable mentions? Do you agree or disagree? What products would you use or buy as a gift?

Thanks to MomTrends and the Chicago Baby Show for inviting me to be a #ChicagoBabyShowBlogger!


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