Trick-or-Treating with JOLLY TIME Pop Corn {and Giveaway}

Trick-or-Treating with Jolly Time Pop Corn - Toddling Around Chicagoland

It’s Halloween eve. What are you handing out to trick-or-treaters? Did you buy candy weeks ago or do you wait ’til the last minute? Or buy it weeks ahead of time, eat it, and then buy more at the last minute?

I’m more of a last minute shopper. I get a little overwhelmed with candy this time of year; It’s not Halloween yet and my kids have already received a bowl full of candy from Halloween events. I love the idea of a healthier treat and JOLLY TIME Pop Corn mini bags are a perfect choice. My kids would much rather have popcorn than candy so it’s a great treat, but I feel much better giving it to them than candy.

Mini bags of popcorn make great treats for a school party or birthday party. Add a bit of ribbon and maybe another little goodie and it looks like such a fun treat!

Trick-or-Treating with Jolly Time Pop Corn - Toddling Around Chicagoland

I’m a huge fan of popcorn and my favorite Halloween treat has always been popcorn balls. I can’t get enough of them, but I’ve never made them myself so I wanted to give it a try. JOLLY TIME Pop Corn has a huge list of recipes on their website. I decided to make the Halloween Mini Popcorn Balls. I changed the recipe a bit; instead of dried fruit and butterscotch chips I used sprinkles and chocolate chips. I also decided to make regular sized popcorn balls instead of the mini ones. The result wasn’t the prettiest thing every, but it sure tasted great! John, the kids, and I really loved them!

Trick-or-Treating with Jolly Time Pop Corn - Toddling Around Chicagoland

JOLLY TIME also has fun recipes for every season and all kinds of occasions on their website.

Stop by and “like” the JOLLY TIME Pop Corn Facebook page (really – they post some fun stuff!) and follow @JollyTimePops on Twitter.

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  1. Oh man those pop corn balls look so yummy!

  2. We LOVE popcorn!

  3. My daughter is a popcorn junkie!

  4. Alina Hahn says

    Thank you for the opportunity! We love popcorn and family move night on Fridays. This would be a great addition!

  5. Melissa Giannopoulos says

    Popcorn?? I’M IN!!

  6. Yum!

  7. Jolly Time Popcorn is a hit in our household.

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