WaterWipes for Wee Ones

WaterWipes for Wee Ones #WaterWipes #IC [ad]

Having a baby means lots of diaper changes, which means lots of diapers and even more wipes. I can’t even imagine how many wipes we’ve used in the 8 years since I became a mother, and I thought once the diaper stage was over we’d be done with wipes too, but it turns out we still use them all the time not just for diaper changes on the youngest one, but for messy faces and sticky hands on all three kids.

Most baby wipes contain a variety of chemicals, preservatives, and fragrances, and these can sometimes be rough on sensitive skin, and concerning when you’re wiping a child’s face or hands. WaterWipes is an alternative.

WaterWipes is a European brand of chemical free baby wipes. WaterWipes contain two ingredients – 99.9% purified water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract – and no preservatives.

WaterWipes ingredients

Because WaterWipes are durable and effective without harmful chemicals, they’re a natural choice for your little one, and even your not so little ones.

If you have a child with diaper rash or eczema, consider switching to WaterWipes.

I visited a Mariano’s to pick up a couple packages of WaterWipes recently. They were easy to find in the diapering aisle.

WaterWipes at Marianos longer shot #WaterWipes #IC [ad]

water wipes at Marianos #WaterWipes #IC [ad]

We use WaterWipes for diaper changes and when I have to change Campbell often I’m very happy to be using water instead of chemicals to keep him clean. I’ve also used them to clean up lots of messes, like today when Campbell managed to get his hands (and face) on a dry erase marker.

Campbell with marker on face


WaterWipes did a great job of cleaning up Campbell’s face and hands. I feel especially good using WaterWipes on the kids’ hands; with regular wipes I’m always concerned about them ingesting the chemicals when they eat, but I feel much more confident using WaterWipes, know that they just have water and fruit extract on them.

A special note about WaterWipes: the sealed package will keep for up to 15 months, but they recommend you use them within a month of opening the package. Unlike other wipes they aren’t interfolded; this allows the package to remain sterile, and WaterWipes recommend you don’t place them in an alternate container.

Find a store near you that carries WaterWipes by using the WaterWipes Store Locator.

You can like WaterWipes on Facebook, follow @WaterWipesUSA on Twitter, and follow the WaterWipes pinterest page and WaterWipes USA Instagram account.

Have you tried WaterWipes? What do you use them for?

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