White Sox Host Second “Peanut Controlled Zone”

The Chicago White Sox hosted their first  peanut “friendly” game this season and based on the feedback they got they’ve decided to do it again. During this game, there will be an entire section that will be peanut free to allow families affected by peanut allergies to attend a Chicago White Sox game. The peanut free section will be cleaned and checked prior to the game, no peanut products will be sold or allowed into that area, and the concession stands closest to that section will not have peanut products.

Date and time: Friday, July 6, 2012 at 7:10 p.m.

Location: U.S. Cellular Field, 333 W. 35th Street, Chicago, IL 60616

Phone: Dustin Milliken, 312-674-5186

Price: Specially priced at $47. Fans will have the option of adding $10 in Bonus Bux, which can be used to purchase concessions at the game, and a $25 parking pass. To purchase tickets, contact Dustin Milliken at 312-674-5186 or dmilliken@chisox.com.

An important note from the White Sox:

“Peanut “friendly” does not mean peanut free. U.S. Cellular Field is an open-air ball park and peanuts will be present in other areas of the ballpark. While we make reasonable efforts to post signs restricting peanut products from these sections and clean in advance, we can not guarantee the absence of peanut particles or residue. Fans with peanut allergies should take all precautions that they customarily take in public places.”

For the least peanut-exposed path to the game, the club suggests entering through the Chicago Sports Depot near Gate 5 on the north side of 35th Street. From the second level exit of the store, escalators lead up to a bridge over the street which ends at the Club Level concourse.

Only 200 tickets are available so fans are encouraged to purchase their tickets early. There will be a fireworks display after the game.


  1. I would have been happy if they advertised this more. I am 17 and I have a peanut allergy, It’s not a super deadly one but it can still get pretty bad. I wish I had known because I was just at this game and i got peanut shells thrown all over me. I really appreciate the effort they you are putting into this but maybe for next year you could put it on the ticket calendar because it would save me and my family a lot of troubles after the games.

    • I’m sorry you didn’t hear about this beforehand; it does seem odd that it’s not in the ticket calendar. I will be sure to post again if there is another Peanut Controlled Zone in the future!

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