Winkiwoo Photo Album Review and Promotion

Winkiwoo and Plum District are both closed.


Note: There is a Winkiwoo voucher available on Plum District right now if you’d like to try it out – only $5 for a $15 book (plus $4.99 flat rate shipping).

I’m going to make a confession. I have been absolutely terrible about filling out the baby books for both of my sons. I tried to put in a few important pieces of information, like their birth weight and length and when they got their first tooth, but mostly their books are a whole lot of blank pages. I take a lot of photos, but I’m not very good about keeping them organized or sorted. My justification has been that I post everything on Facebook so I’m just waiting for someone to come along and make baby books from Facebook statuses and photos.

Then along came Winkiwoo. Winkiwoo makes photo books from the images you have on Facebook, or from status updates on Facebook. I had a chance to make my own photo book from Winkiwoo. Although the status idea was appealing, I post on Facebook a lot so my status book would have to be really big. I opted to do photos from Facebook instead.

The Winkiwoo site leads you to their Facebook application to create your book. After you approve the app you’ll be asked whether you want to book made from Facebook photos or Facebook statuses. I chose Facebook photos.

You then get to choose the size of you book. I chose the smallest and then opted to get a hard cover.

Next you’ll see a menu of all your Facebook albums and photos. You can choose which photos to include and they will be shown on the right column.

Depending on how many photos you choose, you may be given the option to add more pages (at an additional cost). I added more pages to include all the photos I wanted.

Next is layout. You can opt to have Winkiwoo do the layout automatically or you can edit it yourself. I let Winkiwoo do the layout for mine and just made a few adjustments.

I was very happy with how easy it was to create my book and I really liked the finished product. I would definitely consider using Winkiwoo in the future.

There is a flat rate shipping cost of $4.99 and Winkiwoo says all books will ship within 48 hours. They are shipped from Australia though, so expect a couple weeks for delivery. I think my book took about three weeks to arrive. Here is the cover and a couple pages from my completed book:

Get a 6×8-inch Photo Book made from your Facebook photos (a $15 value) for only $5 from Plum District. Shipping is a flat $4.99.

I received credit from Winkiwoo to make a photo book. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. What was the quality of the pictures like? Facebook photos are usually low resolution. And what was the largest size picture that you can print? I have tried other photo sites and they require large hi-res photos to start with, so I’m curious to see how this turned out.

    • Great question! The largest size photo I have in my book is about 5″x3″ and it looks good. I usually use my phone to take pictures so they aren’t the highest resolution to begin with, & I generally can’t blow them up too much even if they’re not from Facebook, so it’s kind of hard for me to say. I do know that the site warns you if the resolution is too low so you can test it out & see. I think there were others who got the Winkiwoo book and included full page pictures.

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